Doctors add diabetes to the list of COVID-triggered conditions

Author: Kat Eschner | Source: Popular Science | Published on MSD Connect: October 2020 | HK‐NON‐00192 Oct/2020

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, doctors have found that people living with diabetes are at an increased risk of having severe COVID-19 symptoms. But the relationship between these two diseases appears to be two-way: Infection with the novel coronavirus may trigger stress-related diabetes, an often temporary form of the disease that occurs when the body begins producing hormones to fight the foreign invader that interfere with normal insulin function. Now, a group of leading diabetes researchers have published a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine announcing a new initiative to track this evolving relationship between diabetes and COVID-19.

The CoviDIAB Project is a global registry of COVID-19 patients who develop diabetes after infection with the novel coronavirus. The project launched Friday, but already has 50 requests from researchers around the globe to upload pertinent data, says Francesco Rubino, one of the letter’s authors and a professor of metabolic and bariatric surgery at King’s College London.

“Given the very short history of human contact with COVID-19, this registry will rapidly help us understand how COVID-19-related diabetes develops, its natural history, and its best management,” the registry website reads.

Anecdotal evidence of the link between infection with COVID-19 and subsequent development of diabetes emerged very rapidly when cases in New York City spiked, says Jeffrey Mechanick, a professor of medicine at Mount Sinai who

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