Cardiac Patients listen to your Heart during COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: Pharma & Healthcare Monitor Worldwide | Published on MSD Connect: October 2020 | HK-NON-00174 Oct/2020

FDRs famous words for the great depression may also be relevant for the current scare in cardiac patients of acquiring Covid-19 during hospital visits, which may hinder their proper care. Both the European and US (SCAI) heart societies have been cautioning patients to pay heed to the symptoms and to consider the potential risks of heart attack or stroke, and thereby to report early. A 50-60% decline in emergency admissions is seen by both, and this is mirrored by key Indian Cardiologists also. 50% of the Americans fear more about contacting Covid-19 than experiencing a heart attack, even when the actual threat to life for the heart attack is 10 times more. In the same survey 40% felt that going to the hospital was riskier than going to the hair salon, beach or even a concert. We do know that when it comes to heart attacks, seconds count.

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