Eating the fruit versus making juice out of it

Author: (Joseph Kiiza) | Source: New Vision | Published on MSD Connect: January 2021 | HK-NON-00205 Nov/2020


After Jane Namuganyi was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago, the doctor advised her to maintain a healthy diet in addition to going for regular check-ups so as to control her blood sugar.

Namuganyi was to avoid processed or refined foods and juices, soda, fatty meats and foods with a lot of sugar such as cakes and sweets. Her diet was to be rich in fibre from vegetables, wholegrain bread and the like.

In addition, the doctor advised her to eat her fruits as a whole, instead of making juice out of them.

Fruits have fibre (in the pulp), which is good for digestion and preventing blood sugar from rising. When you make juice out of them, the fibre is usually sieved out, explains Jamiru Mpiima, a nutritionist at Family Nutritionist Uganda.

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