COVID-19 AND YOUR CHILD | Why vaccination is important in first 1,000 days of life

Source: Business Mirror | Published on MSD Connect: January 2021 | HK-NON-00203 Nov/2020

Fear of COVID-19 has caused many children to miss scheduled vaccinations. To help address this, innovative solutions such as drive-through vaccinations and home visits were seen in the past months. Likewise, catch-up vaccination schedules are in place, but even then it is still best to adhere to your pediatrician's recommended schedule. Missed vaccinations pose an impending outbreak of vaccine preventable diseases like measles, amidst an ongoing pandemic. Through immunization, vaccines help develop a child's natural defenses to fight vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs). Immunization is best done prior to the exposure of a child to viruses and bacteria covered by vaccines. Most of these vaccinations would occur during your child's first 1000 days of life.

This healthy start paves the way for lower risks of both acquiring and spreading outbreaks and diseases to the immediate family and the community as well. In 2019 alone, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that immunization prevents 2 to 3 million deaths annually, and that this number can go up for up to 1.5 million more should routine immunization continue to be prioritized globally.

Risks of vaccine hesitancy

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